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The Proper organ
An organ consists of a large number of pipes, each with a single tone, through which air is blown.
Since the invention, the stops are controlled via keys with rods. The stops send the air to some pipes. (The organ then is called mechanical pneumatic.) For sure such a large organ is heavy to play on.
In the late 19th century the purely pneumatic organ was developed. In this organ, the compounds are established by air pressure.

In 1907, the company Proper of the city Kampen built a purely pneumatic organ for the Noorderkerk. This largest organ of Jan Proper time consisted of 21 votes. The console was placed on the left side at the organ gallery. The small organ case on the front side, also called chair organ, is only for decoration. In 1938 the organ was restored and extended by the firm G. van Leeuwen & Zn .. The console moved from the left side of the organ, to the back positive, below the organ case. In the released space new pipes were placed for the expansion. Now the organ had 28 votes. In 1953 the company Valckx & Van Kouteren implemented a significant change. Some registers classified as a little too romantic were replaced by a pair of bright and sharper voices. Nevertheless, the organ remains a warm and romantic sound. A church member with a warm heart for the organ donated half of the costs.

Great organ: (C-13) Swell organ: Pendals: (C-d1) Couplers and registration aids:
Bourdon 16 Echo Prestant 8 Subbas 16 I+II
Prestant 8 Bourdon 8 Octaafbas 8 I+II 16
Roerfluit 8 Viola di Gamba 8 Gedektbas 8 I+II 4
Salicionaal 8 Prestant 4 Koraalbas 4 P+I
Octaaf 4 Roerfluit 4 Ruispijp 2 2/3 P+II
Nachthoorn 4 Nasard 2 2/3 Fagot 16 P  MF  F  T
Quint 2 2/3 Woudfluit 2 Basson 8 1 free combination 
Octaaf 2  Terts 1 3/5    
Mixtuur 3-4 st  Scherp 3 st. 1'    
Cornet 4 st  Dulciaan 8    
Trompet 8  Tremulant    

Hear and see the organ:
Toccata in G Mineur (organist Jaap Mol)
Trumpet Volentary (organist Jan Korenhof)
Mijn Gebed  (organist Ronald Mulder)

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